The US does not have a single group that recognizes the foreign degrees and other qualifications that you may bring in order to obtain a degree in the United States. International agreements and practice recognize the admitting school or educational institution for those who are looking to attend a university in the United States.

What Qualifications Do I Need?

In order to be accepted to a university in the United States, you want to have a secondary school diploma or the equivalent at the very least. Then, there is a spread of factors that they look at, including the grades that you simply had and any relevant test scores. In many cases, the university will need to figure out your home country’s equivalent to those standard requirements.

Because every country’s educational system is so different, some universities may have a tough time making this determination. repeatedly, the admitting university will address what are called credential evaluation services. Sometimes your international studies office will tell you what you would like to know in order to be admitted to the university, but they're going to end up turning to these services as well. These services are independent groups that perform analyses of qualifications and credentials and tell the university what those are like.

If the upper education institution recommends a particular credential evaluation service, then accompany that one. Sometimes, you'll not have to do anything and the university will take care of that part. If they only tell you that you have to find an evaluation service, then you would like to be very careful; there are a number of them out there, but there's no federal or state regulation of these services.

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