Most international students have interested to know what the grading system is before proceeding with the application process for tertiary education in Canada. it's vital to comprehend that the grading system in Canadian higher education institutions differs from other countries. All ten provinces of Canada have a special grading system and every one of them assigns its own system. Schools in two provinces Quebec and British Columbia do not include the grade “D”, thus making the grade “C” because of the lowest grade for passing the threshold. The education system in Canada, together with the grading system is unique and represents diverse pathways to students’ success.

Being aware that every level of education has a different grading system helps those who aim to study in Canada convert their native grades into Canadian ones. the bulk of students come with the hope of meeting the same grading system but afterward get disappointed by finding out that the university grade requirements differ significantly. Prior knowledge of the grading system of Canada and therefore the letter grades used by Canadian universities is quite essential before moving to any of its provinces. But so is the GPA of a student. If your mark Average meets the criteria of Canadian universities then, you're more than qualified to continue your tertiary education in Canada.

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